Any of this sound like you?

  • You’re avoiding Facebook because pregnancy announcements are worse than political ads

  • The constant two week waits are taking a toll on your relationship and your partner is getting frustrated with the emotional roller coaster. Not to mention the fact that sex is now scheduled in your planner next to dental appointments and your family birthdays

  • Feeling lost as you go through testing, prescriptions, and procedures. You trust your doctor but it feels like you’re just going from one drug to the next without really knowing what the hell is going on

  • The “helpful” fertility advice from friends, family, facebook, and the weird lady outside of the supermarket are so overwhelming you can’t figure what’s what

  • Feeling like your body is broken and you “just can seem to stay on track” with all the diets, exercise, meditation, accupuncture, etc…

  • You’ve been skipping family gatherings to avoid the “so, when are you two having kids?” conversation

  • Someone is about to get a roundhouse kick in the face if you hear “just relax and it will happen” one more time…

Your doctor is adding one prescription after another and the internet is telling you to go low-carb, paleo, whole 30, Mediterranean, low-fat, dairy free, etc…wtf

Infertility can be lonely, scary, and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. You and your partner have more control over your fertility than you’re getting credit for. Inflammation and hormone imbalance are at the core of most fertility issues and your hormones are directly affected by how you are nourishing and moving your body.

Inflammatory process card.jpg


How are you supposed get in the mood for sexy time when you feel like your body has betrayed you?


Now, imagine how it would feel to:

  • Connect with your partner in the bedroom and over kale salads

  • Wake up energized and ready to handle your business

  • Know that you are creating the healthiest environment possible for your baby and family

  • Feel confident about your food choices and enjoy going out for drinks with the girls

  • Naturally balance your hormones so that you can stop dreaming about that leftover chocolate brownie from the carry in

  • Walk into the doctors office like a boss - knowing what to expect and the kind of care you want

  • Have a nutrition guru in your back pocket for questions and concerns

  • I can’t promise you won’t roundhouse kick someone…but if you do I would love to hear about it!

I contacted Whitney shortly after I turned 30, my goal being I was going to try one last time to get healthy and get pregnant. Growing up, my parents didn’t believe in making us kids eat anything we didn’t like. Fast forward, this caused a 30 year old to be scared to even try most vegetables for the first time, let alone figure out how to cook them. Whitney gave me tons of ideas and challenged me to try new things. Trust me, there were some rough moments at first where I just wanted my coffee with my flavored cream!

Whitney has always been there to support me and gave me the encouragement that I needed. 6 months later, I have so much more energy, and am happily expecting our first child!
— Nicole M.