When I contacted Whitney, she told me she did not work with weight loss but with healthy habits, that my body was smart and it would go to the weight I was supposed to be in once I took better care of it.  Needless to say I was not happy to hear that, I did not trust my body at all. I thought it was all my body's fault I was where I was in the first place and it made me very anxious to even try it.

Whitney was very patient and understanding of my anxiety, so I tried.  I really liked her, she was very fun to talk to, not judgmental at all. She didn't change that many things in my diet. I was following a restrictive vegan diet at the time…I was afraid to eat dairy (even though I've grown up eating dairy all my life) and any food high in fats like nuts. I thought meat was evil and I would be a bad person if I ate it. I guess I didn't realize but I might have been at the border of an eating disorder.  I would eat just fruits, bread, veggies and some beans, and then I was starving and I wanted more so I would end up eating a lot of chips and chocolate to make myself "happy”.

I think the biggest change for me was my mindset, I actually want to love my body now. I ended up writing a positive "mantra" for taking care of my body and loving and accepting my body. 

- Karen



Pregnancy with PCOS and Hypothyroidism

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I would go through periods of time where I would  hardcore diet and may or may not see any results but as soon as I would relax the pounds and generally some extra would come back on. I was diagnosed with PCOS relatively young and told I would probably not have children. When I was 21 I found out I had Graves’ disease. The doctor at the time said my best option was to do RAI-131. They told me it would be the best chance for me to get pregnant. I immediately regretted my decision after gaining 30 lbs the first month. The past 9 years I did nothing but struggle seeking help from multiple specialists, tried different therapy cocktails but always seemed to be struggling to lose a pound. I even resorted to phentermine with success however when I decided I wanted to stop and try to get pregnant then the weight came back. 

I contacted Whitney shortly after I turned 30, my goal being I was going to try one last time to get healthy and get pregnant. Growing up, my parents didn’t believe in making us kids eat anything we didn’t like. Fast forward, this caused a 30 year old to be scared to even try most vegetables for the first time, let alone figure out how to cook them. Whitney gave me tons of ideas and challenged me to try new things. Trust me, there were some rough moments at first where I just wanted my coffee with my flavored cream!  

Whitney has always been there to support me and gave me the encouragement that I needed. 6 months later, I have so much more energy, and am happily expecting our first child!

- Missy


Gestational Diabetes and Secondary Infertility

6 years ago at 120 lbs and 4 months pregnant I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was referred to a sadist of a dietitian, who provided me with an AHA cook book and humiliated me by picking apart my diet. I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks, chasing sugar levels that dipped into the 60’s and went as high as 250, eating little to no food and riding a bicycle to work. Starving and threatened with insulin injections. I tearfully contacted Whitney. She gave me advice/diet plans that focused on gestational diabetes. Without judgement and a few “you deserve its!” worked in to that plan, the sweets I craved and taught me about timing my proteins. I made it all the way to 40 weeks without insulin and healthy sugar levels. Better yet naturally birthed a 7 lb healthy baby girl. I got diabetes with my second child and again with Whitney’s help did not need insulin.

Lastly, I struggled with secondary infertility for over a year. One of the hardest things I’ve dealt with. My hormones were out of control and medical intervention seemed to be on the horizon. I once again turned to Whitney who assisted me with a diet that was easy to follow, and got my hormones in check. She supported me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Giving me a realistic goal when everything seemed hopeless. She never judged my hiccups and made sure my diet included wine and flavored coffee. Within 3 months, I lost 20 lb AND with my hormones in check and the help of a juniors size medium dress, I was pregnant!

Whitney is magic in its purest form, I truly believe there is nothing she can’t accomplish. She is smart, trustworthy and has a wicked (in the best way), sense of humor. Whitney is more than a dietitian, she is an integral part of my family and life story, don’t miss out on letting her be part of yours!




Postpartum Struggle

When you have kids everyone only talks about the difficulty in loosing weight, no one talks about the crazy hormones. She helped me figure out how to balance those out a little bit with eating. When I was breastfeeding all three of my children, I had a low milk supply and she gave my the right diet to help with increasing milk production.

- Morgan