Chances are you’ve probably been told:

  • “Just lose weight”

  • “You’re not trying hard enough”

  • “Just eat less…it’s not that hard” (my personal favorite)

  • “It’s in your genes, you can’t do much about it”

  • “Your’re just being sensitive”

And chances are you were given this advice when you were feeling vulnerable both emotionally and physically with half your a** hanging out of a medical gown, amiright?! Unfortunately this advice isn’t effective and leaves you feeling feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Let me tell you something. It’s not because your “bad”, or that you don’t have willpower, or that you don’t want this bad enough.

It’s because this crap advice doesn’t work.

We’ve been looking at health backwards. Fatigue, irregular cycles, weight gain, muscle loss, hot flashes, etc are the symptoms of underlying imbalance and inflammation not the problem. It’s like putting on a hat to cover greasy hair before a Target run (where you will inevitably see everyone you know). Your hair is still greasy, you’ve just covered it up for a while. Treating the symptoms of a problem is similar, you’ve haven’t healed, you’ve just put it off for a while.

I’m a visual person so let’s put it this way:

visual process of hormone imbalance and inflammation in the body

Treatment for conditions such as PCOS, menopause, and irregular cycles are often simplified with instructions to lose weight and take prescription birth control. But it’s so much more that that! It involves balancing hormones, emotions, body weight, and physical activity to heal underlying inflammation and insulin resistance for lasting results!


What if you felt empowered to make changes rather than punished for failing?


How would it feel to:

  • Have a nutrition guru in your back pocket

  • Enjoy your social life without the guilt of “being bad”

  • Save money on ruined underwear due to abnormal cycles

  • Naturally balance your hormones so that you can stop running to the nearest vending machine at 3 pm every day

  • Have the daily energy to match your hustle

  • Choose your outfit based on what you want to wear and not “just what fits”

  • Walk into the doctor’s office like a boss- knowing what to expect and the kind of care plan you want

If you’re ready to stop counting calories and start working a little deeper, I’m your girl! Together we will create a food + lifestyle plan based on your goals, current health concerns, schedule, and food preferences. Then we will figure out what might be getting in the way (family, stress, schedule, etc.) and adjust your plan so that you enjoy life, not just survive it!

By using my functional approach to nutrition, movement, and lifestyle you will learn how to get your hormones to work for you instead of against you! Not only will you will find the body confidence you’ve been looking for; but you’ll gain the knowledge to be able make these changes last.

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